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About Council

The supreme body of governance of the Service and its units is State Council on Statistics (hereinafter referred to as "the Council"). The President of the Service holds at the same time the post of the Chairman of the Council.
Council implements the working out of the policy in the domain of state statistics, designing, regulation, organization of the long-term activities, monitor on the implementation of the Program of State Statistical Work, as well as coordination of the administrative statistics in the Republic of Armenia stipulated by the Program of State Statistical Work.
  • confirms the draft of tree-year program of state statistical work,
  • confirms the annual program of state statistical work in a month after the adoption of the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia,
  • confirms the regulations and structure of the Service, its territorial and functional units,
  • monitors the implementation of the program of state statistical work and confirms the report on implementation of annual program,
  • adopts the legal acts in the domain of statistics in cases stipulated by the Law,
  • confirms its internal rules of procedure,
  • implements other powers stipulated by the Law.
The Council shall be composed of 7 members, which are appointed for a term of 6 years and relieved by the President of the Republic.
The members of the Council can be appointed the citizens of the Republic of Armenia having high education, for reasons of practical and scientific and educational experience in the following domains:
  • demography, sociology and public activity,
  • international statistical cooperation,
  • financial and banking,
  • nature protection,
  • management of entrepreneurial activity,
  • information technologies.
The meetings of the Council are called by the Chairman of the Council non-rarely than once a month. Special meeting of the Council may be called on demand of no less than four of its members. The meeting of the Council are recorded.

Council has the right to decide, if at the meeting no less than 5 of its members are present. The decision of the Council is considered as adopted, if more than half of Council members have voted for it. The decisions of the Council are signed by the Chairman of the Council.