Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport RA Higher Education and Science Committee

The list of research projects recommended for funding under the “LAURIK” and “CARIN” fellowships has been confirmed.


The Science Committee announces the results of “LAURIK” (Launch Armenia Research Fellowship) and “CARIN” (Consolidate Armenia Research Fellowship) fellowships. 

By the order RA minister for ESCS list of research projects recommended for funding under the “Incoming Research Fellowship Programme – Armenia” call has been confirmed.

The two fellowship programs are for foreign researchers. There are 5 scientific topics in the list.

As mentioned within the Zabel Yesayan and the Ālenush Teriān excellence programs a fixed number of positions are especially designated for female scientists. Marina Aghayan has been chosen within the Zabel Yesayan excellence program and Anna Avetisyan - within the Ālenush Teriān excellence program.

Funding will be starting from October.

Five year funding to be provided for the implementation of scientific research in all fields of scientific and technical activities by competitively selected scientific proposals initiated by foreign scientists.